If you are feeling abandoned, let down, betrayed, or simply looking for books on abandonment, these might help.

David Copperfield (Fiction) by Charles Dickens

Thought to be Dickens's own personal autobiography, David Copperfield chronicles life, adversity and suffering in elegantly refreshing fiction with colourful characters. In particular, Copperfield suffers at the hands of his stepfather's cruelty and the loss of his mother very early on in his life, yet manages to stand strong, resilient and humble.



Plainsong (Fiction) by Kent Haruf

Drawing parallels to its title, Plainsong is a beautiful, fictional narrative whose central theme is about a community that comes together despite its members coming from broken, dysfunctional families, living life in the here and now. The narrative whilst of abandonment and isolation, cleverly illustrates the need for relationships even when they are unusual, unexpected and uninvited.


The Days of Abandonment (Fiction) by Elena Ferrante

"When you don't know how to keep a man you lose everything." Being left for another woman, this novel's central character, an Italian woman, comes to terms with the absence of her husband whilst caring for 2 little children. A national bestseller in Italy, the book details the devastating impact of losing her husband on her sense of identity, her life going forward and the emptiness with which she must carry on.Whilst a short read, Elena Ferrante takes the reader on a powerful journey, allowing him/her to truly connect and immerse themselves in the emotional experience of this Italian woman.


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