Author Coaching



Having successfully self-published my own book, The Happiness Mindset (with more than 40 5* reviews), I offer author coaching to both budding writers and bloggers, who've always dreamed of writing their own book.

From an eye-catching book design, to a head-turning title, structuring your book, defining voice and style, editorial services, building an audience from scratch and helping you secure reviews, I'll guide you through the self-publishing process and coach you to make the most of your writing magic. Last but not least, there'll be mentoring and motivation through your whole writing journey.

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Equally if you've always wanted to start your own blog or website showcasing your writing (whether that's short stories, poetry, essays or simply blog posts) I'd be happy to help you launch this - I'll show you how to develop your own website (instead of paying a developer crazy fees, you'll have full creative control and be able to do it all yourself), develop a content strategy, work out who your audience is, the best social media platforms for your specific goals, discuss monetising strategies, marketing and even sell a few ecommerce products along the way.

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