Literary Conversation Starters for Dinner Parties & Other Gatherings

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Each of the 100 questions in the book is designed to kickstart a literary conversation about books, literature, culture and life.

Some are designed to access old memories about books that left a lasting childhood impression - perhaps something nostalgic and reminiscent of your youth or childhood. Some are designed to encourage debate about best books in a particular genre for the year, decade, century and why. Others are prompts to name books that you'd like to see become a movie adaptation.

Others discuss favourite authors, characters and genres. Many discuss your reading life - how much do you read and how could you read more. And ofcourse, many are designed to work out what books you'd take with you to the grave, to the stranded island, on holiday and which ones you might want to gift. These and many more are perfect for bibliophiles and bibliophages alike for that perfect literary gathering, be it a dinner party, a walking book club, a date with a fellow bibliophile or a family get together over the holidays. 

It's the perfect addition to any booklover's book collection, enabling unlimited book chatter about all things literature!