Children's Bibliotherapy Skills Online Course - Book Therapy

Children's Bibliotherapy Skills Online Course

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Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach that uses books and reading to help individuals, including children, cope with emotional and psychological challenges. This course is designed for educators, librarians, counselors, and anyone interested in helping children through literature.

This course specifically focuses on understanding and applying bibliotherapy techniques for children. You'll explore the use of children's literature as a tool to address emotional, social, and developmental challenges faced by young readers. Practical strategies, book selection, and facilitation skills is also covered.

Course Duration: 4 hours

Who is the course for?
- Educators
- Librarians
- Counselors
- Parents
- Childcare providers
- Anyone interested in helping children through literature

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

1. Understand the fundamentals of bibliotherapy and its relevance in children's development.
2. Identify and select appropriate children's books for specific emotional and psychological needs.
3. Develop effective strategies to engage children in bibliotherapeutic discussions.
4. Facilitate bibliotherapy sessions for children, fostering emotional intelligence and empathy.
5. Recognize common emotional and social challenges in children and address them through literature.
6. Create a supportive and inclusive reading environment for children.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Children's Bibliotherapy
- Defining bibliotherapy and its history
- Understanding the psychological and emotional benefits for children
- Ethical considerations in bibliotherapy

Module 2: Book Selection for Children
- Criteria for selecting age-appropriate books
- Thematic selection based on children's challenges
- Diverse representation in children's literature

Module 3: Strategies for Engaging Children in Reading
- Creative reading techniques for different age groups
- Encouraging discussion and reflection through open-ended questions
- The role of art and journaling in bibliotherapy

Module 4: Facilitating Bibliotherapy Sessions
- Effective communication and active listening skills
- Building trust and rapport with young readers
- Adapting sessions to individual and group needs

Module 5: Practical Applications and Case Studies
- Addressing common challenges such as anxiety, grief, and friendship issues
- Collaborative projects and activities based on selected books
- Integrating bibliotherapy into educational and counselling settings

Course Materials:
- Sample Children's Bibliotherapy lesson plan
- Bibliotherapy Venn Diagrams
- Character Weaves
- Selected children's books for discussion and practice
- Journal for reflections and observations
- 100+ Children's Bibliotherapy Rersources

At the end of the course, you'll be able to use children's bibliotherapy as part of your own child's personal development and mental well-being or incorporate these children's bibliotherapy skills in your own practice. You'll also receive a Book Therapy Certificate of Achievement (which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile, CV or resumé, and/or share it with friends or employers).

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