Personalised Book Prescription

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***Limited to 5 book prescriptions a day in order to provide our clients with an exclusive and valuable service.***


A reader's dream, Book Therapy’s personalised reading service saves you something more valuable than money - your time.

In a world where there are now officially more than 120,000,000 books with 2 million new books published every year, what to read can be a daunting task.

What if someone could tell you exactly what to read based on what you love to read (your interests) or what you would like to learn more about or need help with (your needs)?

This matched with how you read (your reading habits whether that is using a kindle late at night, or listening to audiobooks on your daily commute) is what personalised reading is all about.

Book Therapy's personalised reading service is fully offered by humans and not robotic algorithms which make these even more, attractive, valuable and authentic. 

Personalised reading is about being strategic about your reading and discovering books that you’ll enjoy or that will help you.

Prefer books to talking therapy? Do you want to read something meaningful, therapeutic or healing?

Love a particular author and want to find similar authors? Or want to discover new authors?

Can't recall the name of the book recommended to you by a friend or passing acquaintance?

Want a choice of books or a literary guide for a holiday destination?

Looking for something poetic?

Need books on a specific topic?

Searching for a literary gift for someone special?

Ready to discover beautiful, interactive picture books for your toddler?

Then a personalised reading list is what you need, curated book lists based on your individual preferences and needs.

These include fiction, non-fiction, poetry and philosophy depending on your preference; and can be classics or modern literature, children's books, best-sellers or little-known but powerful books, authored centuries or decades ago or hot-off-the-press, produced by a diverse set of writers and artists.

The books prescribed can serve as literary remedies for specific predicaments (for example, bereavement, friendship breakups, a ticking biological clock, fatherhood, redundancy, regret etc)  or they could be a travel prescription for a holiday read (take a peek at our book prescription for New York) or fulfill individual interests. 

Read our customer reviews at the bottom of the page and learn how personalised reading has benefited them. 

To get started, simply answer the questions above. I’ll email you a customised reading list of 7 - 10 book recommendations within 48 hours of purchase or your money back. 

It's one of the best investments you can make. The book prescriptions also serve as great gifts for book lovers and avid readers of all ages. Simply select ‘Gift Instantly’ above and a bespoke book prescription will be emailed to the gift recipient when it's ready.

Last but most importantly, 10% of all proceeds are donated to Room to Read, an international charity focusing on literacy and gender equality in low-income communities.


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