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Personalised book prescriptions

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Wondering what book to read next?

Prefer books to talking therapy?

Love a particular author and wondering which book of theirs to dive into next?

Trying to remember the name of that book recommended to you by a passing acquaintance?

Then you need a personalised book prescription.

These are curated book recommendations based on your individual preferences and needs. In a world where a new book is published every minute, selecting the right book can be a tricky endeavour. In addition, nobody has the time to trawl through the internet, bookstores or libraries to determine whether a book is right for them.

Readers answers a few questions above. These capture details about your current situation, needs, objectives, interests as well as reading habits; and allows me to prepare a highly tailored reading list of 7 -10 book recommendations which include full reviews of the book and how they might help you.

These include fiction, non-fiction, poetry and philosophy depending on your requirements. These can be classics or modern literature, best-sellers or little-known but powerful books, ranging across different time periods and authored by a variety of writers.

If you are simply looking for your next holiday read or something specific to read, these thoughtfully curated book recommendations are sure to inspire, empower and entertain.

Simply answer the questions above and purchase a prescription to kickstart the process. I will email you a list within 48 hours of purchase or your money back. I'll also let you know if I need more information to ensure that the curated list is as personalised as possible. 


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