Bibliotherapy, Literature, and Mental Health Online Course

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This online course serves as a comprehensive guide on the practice of bibliotherapy using case studies of readers’ self-transformation through life-changing experiences of literature. 

This course, which can be completed at your own pace and convenience, is particularly useful for both readers and mental health professionals who would like to use bibliotherapy for their own personal development or for use in a therapeutic setting as part of an already existing therapy or coaching practice.

While there are no assignments to complete, the course includes quizzes and surveys with a Book Therapy certificate upon completion of the course. You'll receive lifetime access to the online course.

What you'll learn:

1. How to use bibliotherapy for your own personal development and healing.

2. Core reading recommendations for different mental health and well-being issues, along with helpful bibliotherapy tools, mediums and reference materials.

3. If you're interested in becoming a bibliotherapist, this course will also show you how to practice bibliotherapy within both an individual and group setting, from drawing a contract, setting appropriate boundaries and prescribing appropriate literature.

4. How to use bibliotherapy with children.

5. A selection of reader stories of how clients and readers have benefited from bibliotherapy.


1. An interest in the therapeutic qualities of literature.

2. An interest in personal development and therapy.

Who is the course for?

- Individuals with an interest in literature and personal development.

- Mental health professionals

- Teachers, librarians and social health workers

- Parents

The course covers:

1. An introduction to bibliotherapy

2. Different bibliotherapy mediums.

3. Using bibliotherapy for personal therapy and healing.

4. Reader case studies.

5. Training as a bibliotherapist.

6. 200+ reading recommendations and bibliotherapy resources across a range of genres.

7. Individual video Q&A session with a bibliotherapist.


At the end of the course, you'll be able to use bibliotherapy as part of your own personal development and mental well-being or launch your own bibliotherapy practice and help other readers discover the life-changing magic of literature. You'll also receive a Book Therapy Certificate of Achievement (which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile, CV or resumé, and/or share it with friends or employers).

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