Children's A - Z of Book Recommendations

Children's books are a wonderful way to address issues that might be difficult top talk about or convey. 

Here is a an A - Z of book recommendations, literary remedies and recommended reading lists for children depending on what they might be going through. 

If there are any other books that should be included here or subjects that should be covered, feel free to message us at

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Anxiety (Helping your child manage anxiety)

Anxiety (Helping your teenager manage anxiety) 






Celebrating Diwali (The Festival of Lights)

Child Development

Creative Writing For Little Adults



Emotions (Learning and understanding emotions for toddlers)

Empowering your toddler



Historical Fiction (Middle Ages & Renaissance)

Historical Fiction (Colonial Times)



Inspiration for girls

Introducing your child to poetry



Recommended Books for 2 year olds

Recommended Books for 8 - 9 year olds




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