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Personalised reading lists are curated book recommendations based on your individual preferences and needs. In a world where a new book is published every minute, selecting the right book can be a tricky endeavour.

That's where we come in - we connect readers to the right books by asking you to complete a few questions below. This captures details about your current situation, needs, objectives, interests as well as reading habits.

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Personalised to suit your needs.

We use this information to prepare a highly tailored and personalised reading list of book recommendations that can include fiction, non-fiction, poetry and philosophy depending on your requirements.

These can be classics or modern literature, best-sellers or little-known but powerful books, ranging across different time periods and authored by a variety of writers.

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If you are simply looking for your next holiday read or something specific to read, these thoughtfully curated book recommendations are sure to inspire, empower and entertain.

Simply answer a few questions and we will email you a list within 48 hours of purchase. (Remember you can gift this for a friend or loved one by simply selecting the 'Gift Instantly' option below and filling out the giftee's details instead of yours in the questionnaire.)

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Forever free!

There is a free list titled the A - Z of Book Prescriptions (both fiction and non-fiction) which recommends books based on your existing life situation (e.g. anxiety, job change, relationship heartache) as well as interests (e.g memoir, historical fiction, non-fiction etc). There's also a children's reading list: Children's A - Z of Book Prescriptions

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A little about the Book Therapist.

"As a little girl who literally visited the library everyday, I relied on lists at the end of paperbacks and friends' recommendations to help me find my next big read.  I needed something to dispel the blues of having just finished a book and worrying whether I'll find another one as good! Other times I needed consolation or something to quell my fears. And of course during the summer holidays I needed lots of great books to keep me busy! It was this love of books and a passion to help others discover great books that I launched Book Therapy. "

After 14 years spent in investment banking, it was time for a change. Bijal was really keen to pursue her passion for literature, writing and psychology having published a book titled "The Happiness Mindset" on Amazon written under her pen name 'Brandon Stanberg' which has received more than 70 reviews with a 5 star rating and successfully completed a diploma in psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy. Book Therapy was the result - matching people to books they will love.

"I love a challenge, so please send me your most perplexing book dilemmas — I can’t wait to dive in and find the perfect book(s) for you."

Bijal (Book Therapist)

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I was super pleased with my book recommendations – and now I am onto my third book, The Book Thief! I have found the books prescribed really enjoyable and comforting. 

Sonya Schorpp, London

When I came across Book Therapy, I loved the idea of book prescriptions. I have used Book Therapy to help me find some helpful books on bereavement when my sister passed away. 

Ruben Morovitz, Manchester

My 6 year-old was having a tough time at school and was getting bullied by this one boy twice his size. Bijal recommended about 8 books on bullying which really helped.

Leela Virendrum, San Jose