Hi I'm Bijal Shah, a Book Therapist

What I am about to offer you is unique and intended to save you time and money so that you can focus on what you love most: reading.

I create personalised reading lists or book prescriptions that are tailored to you - your personality, your interests, your needs and circumstances and your habits. It is all about you. Time is precious. We all want to spend our time reading books that are relevant to us, that we will enjoy and that will benefit us.

Having spent my life building a database of knowledge on books, it is easier for me to match you to a book than for you to spend your valuable time trawling the internet, bookstores or libraries to discover books that you will love. Time is money and I want to help you protect both. 

Each book prescription includes a minimum of 7 - 10 book recommendations with full reviews of the book and how they might help you.

I know you might be thinking what makes me qualified to do so and that I need to earn your trust first - I totally agree. If you are curious, you can find out a little bit more about me here and my qualifications. I also give out most of my best content and writing free which you can check out here on the blog or the free A-Z Book Prescriptions for Adults and Children.

Lastly I love a challenge, so please send me your most perplexing book dilemmas — I can’t wait to dive in and find the perfect book(s) for you.


Love the idea - let's start

Your time is precious and I want to help protect it.

Prioritised reading saves you time and money so that you only focus your reading on books that will be helpful and beneficial to you.  

Personalised to suit your needs.

I ask a few simple questions to find out about your current situation, needs, objectives, interests as well as reading habits. I use this information to prepare a highly tailored and personalised reading list of book recommendations that can include fiction, non-fiction, poetry and philosophy depending on your requirements. These can be classics or modern literature, best-sellers or little-known but powerful books, ranging across different time periods and authored by a variety of writers.

Guaranteed to receive your book prescription within 48 hours of purchase.

I will email you a list within 48 hours of purchase or you get your money back. If you are simply looking for your next holiday read or something specific to read, these thoughtfully curated book recommendations are sure to inspire, empower and entertain.

Create my personalised book prescription

Forever free!

Don't forget to check out my free book recommendations titled the A - Z of Book Prescriptions (both fiction and non-fiction) which suggest books based on your existing life situation (e.g. anxiety, job change, relationship heartache) as well as interests (e.g memoir, historical fiction, non-fiction etc). There's also a children's reading list: Children's A - Z of Book Prescriptions. Also feel free to check out the blog for more literary goodies.

Discover the a-z of book prescirptions


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I was super pleased with my book recommendations – and now I am onto my third book, The Book Thief! I have found the books prescribed really enjoyable and comforting. 

Sonya Schorpp, London

When I came across Book Therapy, I loved the idea of book prescriptions. I have used Book Therapy to help me find some helpful books on bereavement when my sister passed away. 

Ruben Morovitz, Manchester

My 6 year-old was having a tough time at school and was getting bullied by this one boy twice his size. Bijal recommended about 8 books on bullying which really helped.

Leela Virendrum, San Jose