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My Book Journal

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Journaling is one of the best ways to connect with ourselves, reflect on our emotions and thoughts and gain some clarity amidst the day-to-day stresses and strains of life. It brings a sense of calm and helps us make sense of our world and ourselves. Book journaling, in particular, is a profound way to connect with ourselves — through the characters we encounter, the imaginative experiences we immerse ourselves in and the emotions they bring up for us as we vicariously live the books we read.

Literature courts a certain power - in terms of what it enables us to explore, access and draw upon. The goal of ‘book journaling’ is to unleash this power and bring forth the unconscious into the conscious. It offers a different approach to self-therapy, one if leveraged correctly, brings forth new ways of seeing and being.

Every piece of literature you read shapes who you are, connecting with you and influencing you subconsciously, as you process and absorb the narrative, the truths that resonate with you and the substance of the prose.

This book is a literary journaling tool designed to help you keep track of all the books you've read in one year, the impact they've had on you and your key learnings/takeaways.