My First Reading Cards: 18 Reasons to Read

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18 Reading affirmation cards for kids aged 2 - 10 years old.  

Thoughtfully illustrated and curated, all 18 cards are designed to inspire a love of reading. They also explore the power of reading to calm, uplift and energise. Read them daily and watch your child's love of reading grow. It's the perfect gift for your little one. Available as digital, print-at-home cards or physical card set which will be shipped out to you.

Extracts from the card set

* Reading gives me a place to go when I have to stay where I am. 

* Books make my world big.

* Reading helps me stay calm.

* I can eat stories for breakfast.

* Reading before bedtime allows me to relax.

Set of 18 cards. 2.5" x 3.5".

For physical set of cards, shipping costs are included and delivery takes 5 - 7 days from date of purchase, depending on where you are located.