Recommended Books for Two-year-olds


Surya Sajnani’s “Animosaics: Can You Find Me” specifically. Vibrant colours splashed across each page dedicated to different animal habitats — the jungle, the arctic, the ocean and more. Cleverly crafted each habitat is littered with shapes geniusly hiding a variety of animals. Two-year olds are meant to spot the animals and count them. And these are not just any kind of animals, Sajnani has managed to capture rare creatures from terrapins to mountain foxes to snowy owls. Delightful, mesmerising and perfect for their cognitive development, this is a great addition to a picky two-year old’s book collection.

Sandra Magsamen’s Books

Sandra Magsamen’s children’s books are perfect to cuddle up to your toddler with. “I’m Wild About You” and “Beecause I Love You” are amongst half-a-dozen square hardcover books devoting pages of hugs, hearts and kisses to their readers that screams I Love You to your little ones, they’ll enjoy turning each page and at the end will be happy-dizzy, joyously relaxed and ready for bed. 

Lift-the-flap books

Lift-the flap books are great to introduce your toddler to a world of new vocabulary, inviting them to interact with each flap on a page (there are numerous flaps on every page). Beneath the flap rest an animal, fruit, vegetable and other exciting new concepts for toddlers. Great for vocabulary building.