Professional Book Reviews - $250 

As a book reviewer and critic, I take great pride in offering an honest, impartial and independent review if you send me a soft PDF copy of your book or a physical copy in the post.

While I do not guarantee positive reviews, unfavorable reviews can be taken as valuable feedback for improvements and do not have to be published on the Book Therapy site or any other retail sites (e.g. Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble). I will share the review with you first and you can let me know whether you would like it to be published here on Book Therapy and the retail sites.

If I find your book is also suitable for inclusion under the A-Z of Book Prescriptions, I will include it here too, with a buy link to the Amazon site or other relevant retail site for purchase.

Simply email me at with a request for a book review. If you are requesting a review from outside the US, happy to invoice the equivalent US dollars in your national currency.