Indian Rasa Theory & Bibliotherapy

Indian Rasa Theory & Bibliotherapy

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This course structure combines theoretical understanding of Indian rasas with practical exploration through bibliotherapy, providing course participants with a holistic understanding of the use of emotions in Indian literature and their therapeutic potential

This course is designed for educators, librarians, counsellors, mental health professionals, teachers, social workers, coaches and anyone interested in therapeutic literature.

Course Duration: 3 hours

Who is the course for?
- Educators
- Mental Health Professionals
- Teachers
- Librarians
- Counsellors
- Coaches
- Anyone with an interest in therapeutic literature.

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

1. Understanding Indian Aesthetic Theory and Rasas.
2. Interconnection of Rasas and Bibliotherapy.
3. Application of Individual Rasas in Bibliotherapy.
4. Practical Skills and Techniques.
5. Personal and Professional Growth.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Indian Rasas and Bibliotherapy
- Overview of Indian aesthetic theory, emphasizing the concept of rasas.
- Introduction to bibliotherapy, a therapeutic approach using literature.
- Understanding the intersection of Indian rasas and bibliotherapy and their potential for emotional healing and self-discovery.

Module 2: Shringara Rasa (Love) in Bibliotherapy
- Exploring classical Indian love stories and poetry imbued with Shringara rasa.
- Analysing how narratives of love can evoke deep emotional responses and facilitate healing.
- Case studies demonstrating the use of love literature in bibliotherapy sessions.

Module 3: Hasya Rasa (Humour) in Bibliotherapy
- Understanding the significance of humour in Indian culture and literature.
- Exploring how narratives infused with Hasya rasa can provide relief from stress and promote emotional well-being.
- Practical exercises and readings on incorporating humour into bibliotherapy sessions.

Module 4: Karuna Rasa (Compassion) in Bibliotherapy
- Exploring tales of compassion and empathy in Indian literature and mythology.
- Analysing the therapeutic impact of Karuna rasa in fostering connection and understanding.
- Case study on using compassionate literature in bibliotherapy.

Module 5: Raudra Rasa (Anger) in Bibliotherapy
- Understanding the complexities of anger and its expression in Indian narratives.
- Exploring how literature imbued with Raudra rasa can help individuals confront and manage anger constructively.
- Techniques and strategies for addressing anger through bibliotherapy sessions.

Module 6: Veera Rasa (Courage) in Bibliotherapy
- Exploring stories of bravery and heroism in Indian epics and folklore.
- Analysing the therapeutic effects of Veera rasa in building resilience and overcoming challenges.
- Group activities and role-playing exercises to cultivate courage through bibliotherapy.

Module 7: Bhayanaka Rasa (Fear) in Bibliotherapy
- Understanding the psychological aspects of fear and anxiety.
- Exploring how narratives infused with Bhayanaka rasa can help individuals acknowledge and cope with fear.
- Practical interventions and techniques for addressing fear through bibliotherapy.

Module 8: Bibhatsa Rasa (Disgust) in Bibliotherapy
- Exploring literature that challenges societal norms and conventions.
- Analysing how Bibhatsa rasa narratives can provoke introspection and promote personal growth.
- Journaling exercises on processing feelings of disgust through bibliotherapy.

Module 9: Adbhuta Rasa (Wonder) in Bibliotherapy
- Exploring narratives of awe and wonder in Indian scriptures and folklore
- Analysing how Adbhuta rasa literature can inspire curiosity, imagination, and a sense of awe
- Creative activities and visualisations to evoke wonder and exploration through bibliotherapy.

Module 10: Integration and Application
- Reflecting on the bibliotherapy journey through Indian Rasas 
- Designing and implementing a bibliotherapy session incorporating Indian rasas for personal or professional use.

Course Materials:
- Indian Rasa Theory & Bibliotherapy Resources

At the end of the course, you'll be able to leverage the therapeutic potential of emotion in literature and incorporate this skill in your personal reading or professional practice. You'll also receive a Book Therapy Certificate of Achievement (which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile, CV or resumé, and/or share it with friends or employers).

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