Personalised Book Box FAQs


Q: What will I receive? 
A: 3 books, hand-picked just for you by our book curator and bibliotherapist, (based on your reading preferences, interests, needs and reading habits) delivered in a delightfully-wrapped box plus a £10 Book Therapy gift card bonus.

You can spend this across any of our literary products including Book Therapy ShortsLiterary GuidesBibliotherapy sessionsLiterary Afternoon TeasReading tools for Children and  Book Journaling tools.

Q: I have made the purchase, will you get in touch with me about my reading preferences and habits?

A: Once you've made the purchase, we'll email you some questions about your reading preferences (fiction/nonfiction/favourite genres/favourite books), reading habits (how often you read, when you read, how much time you can devote to reading etc) and also if there is a particular theme or issue you would like us to focus on. 

Q: Who is the product suitable for?

A: It's suitable for all ages, including children.

Q: What if I just want the curated/personalised book recommendations and not the books?

A: You can purchase a personalised book prescription here, that provides personalised book recommendations without the books.

Q: Can I gift a personalised book box?

A: Yes you absolutely can - either through hitting the 'gift instantly' button and we will get in touch with them to create the perfect personalised book box for them.

Q: Where can I read reviews and testimonials of your service?

A: Scroll down at the bottom of this page, and click on reviews:

Q: Do you offer any other services/literary guides?

A: Yes I offer in-person or face-to-face bibliotherapy sessions. You can also find these literary guides and shorts plus book journaling tools. There's a whole host of literary essays, author Q&As and articles here, that might help. Lastly, don't forget to check out our reading tools for children, to encourage a lifelong love for reading.



A big hello and thank you for reading! Passionate about literature, psychology, and life I launched Book Therapy as an alternative form of therapy using the power of literature. I create reading lists/personalised book prescriptions based on your individual needs, this is my signature personalised reading service. If you’d like to self-prescribe literature you can learn the art of bibliotherapy through my online course Bibliotherapy, Literature and Mental Health. You can also check out Book Therapy’s other free reading lists and A- Z of book prescriptions (covering both fiction and non-fiction). These suggest books based on your existing life situation (e.g. anxiety, job change, relationship heartache) as well as interests (e.g memoir, historical fiction, non-fiction, crime etc). There’s also a Children’s A — Z of Book Prescriptions. Feel free to check out the blog for more literary gems. There’s also a post on my personal story of how I entered the world of bibliotherapy and book curation. And if you’d like to connect, email me at or

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