Seeking Redemption


Purgatorium, books on seeking personal redemption

Purgatorium (Fiction) by Jaymes H Carnathan

purgatorium, books on seeking personal redemption

Science fiction meets fantasy. Purgatorium is a tale about a man whose life is turned upside down as he faces the final race of his life. Paralysed in a coma, his life flashes past him - the mistakes he's made and the inner demons he has to beat in order to successfully transition to redemption and be given a fresh chance at life again.

A very thoughtful story, where a man starts each day from scratch not remembering who he was the day before. Each day is a new adventure - the colourful characters he meets, the situations he finds himself in and the decisions he has to make to better his ways.

A kaleidoscopic puzzle on a man's journey as he seeks redemption to cleanse his soul. Entertaining, fast-paced and creative, this book will take your imagination on a fascinating journey. 

A perfect read if you are on a similar path to finding personal redemption and meaning in your life.



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