Anxiety (helping your child manage anxiety)

This recommended reading list prescribes some wonderful books on helping your child manage their anxiety. Any child suffering from anxiety should read these.

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Wilma Jean the Worry Machine (Fiction) by Julia Cook

Wilma Jean, the central character of the book, worries about everything and anything in the sun from having friends to play with to getting carrots in her lunch! An amusing book that provides kids with creative tools to manage their anxiety better and feel more in control when in an anxious state.  For situations out of their control, the book suggests a 'worry hat' that empowers them to accept the situation as it is. A lovely story that can be read over and over again with a great life lesson for kids of all ages. 

books for kids with anxiety, books for kids who worry


Wemberly Worried (Fiction) by Kevin Henkes

Wemberly was a non-stop worrywart. She was terrified of shrinking in the bath tub or her first day at school but when she meets her class mate Jewel who is also a worrywart, the experience is almost cathartic and Wemberly realises that there is no point worrying. Instead she should enjoy the moment, making the most of school.   

An adorable story, illustrated with a colourful set of characters, that conveys the importance of not letting little things weigh you down and living more in the moment. 

wemberly worried, books for kids who worry, books for anxious children

 When My Worries Get Too Big (Non-fiction) by Karl Dunn Buron

A charming book filled with strategies not only for your child but parents and teachers too. Whilst it is best suited for older aged kids (6+), the book helps to kick-start discussion on anxiety and how to recognise it as well as select the most appropriate responses to them. It teaches children that throwing tantrums may be their reaction to anxiety and there might be another. more helpful way to deal with the anxiety. A national bestseller, this book equips your child with self-calming strategies to help them better manage their anxieties, freeing them to focus on more important things like learning, exploring and socialising.  

 when my worries get too big, books for children who worry







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