"Writing is a joyous act. It's a delightful journey into our imagination, shining a light onto a multiverse of emotions and experiences from love to sorrow. It connects us to ourselves and to others. Great writing starts with honesty. It also starts with unique and unusual ideas and it takes us to places we never expected."

Welcome. My superpower is helping you and your writing. I love helping other authors. Below are my author services. If you require assistance with any of these, please email me at (If you are requesting the below services from outside the US, happy to invoice the equivalent US dollars in your national currency.)

Editorial Book Reviews - $150

As a book reviewer and critic, I take great pride in offering a comprehensive, independent editorial review. 

An editorial review includes a 500+ word review together with a star rating from 1 - 5 (with 5 being exceptional). Reviews usually take 14 days to complete and can be expedited to 7 days for an additional $25. Editorial reviews qualify for inclusion on Amazon and Goodreads. An editorial assessment evaluates grammar, punctuation, structure, plot, dialogue, characters, story development and coherence of prose.

Where the author receives an unfavorable review, this can be taken as valuable feedback for improvements and does not have to be published on the Book Therapy site or any other retail sites (e.g. Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble). All reviews are pre-approved by the author before posting to retail sites: I will share the review with you first and you can let me know whether you would like it to be published.

If I find your book is also suitable for inclusion under the A-Z of Book Prescriptions, I will include it here too, with a buy link to Amazon or other relevant retail site for purchase.

Feature Your Book Under a Book Prescription - $200

If you would like your book to be included in our popular A-Z Book Prescriptions (book recommendations that either qualify as literary remedies or meet specific reading interests for both adults and children), I will need to review your book first to assess its suitability.  If unsuitable, I will refund the $200 fee.

Beta Readers - $50

I offer careful analysis of your manuscript, providing you with valuable feedback in the form of a written report that assesses flow, characterisation, dialogue, potential plot holes and any other areas in your story which may not work from an actual reader’s perspective. Good, objective beta readers are hard to find. I provide detailed comments in a comprehensive report. 60% of my clients are repeat customers or come from referrals.

Beta readers are extremely helpful to authors, significantly improving the success rate of the book. Without them, authors cannot obtain objective feedback on their stories and could potentially end up paying more in editing costs due to the level of content editing required to take the manuscript to where it needs to be before being published.

Editing and Proofreading services -  $0.05 per word

I provide book editing services for authors including structural editing, line editing, copy editing or proofreading a manuscript. I highly recommend that your work is edited and proofread by a book editor before you submit a manuscript to a publisher. 

Many new writers don’t appreciate the difference between copy editing and line editing, let alone the effect an editor can have on a book’s success. Appreciating these differences can save you time and money and increase the chances of success for your book.

Social Media promotion - $25 for 1 month or $60 for 3 months

Book Therapy enjoys a popular presence on 4 of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). I will publish 40 posts (10 posts on each social media platform) over 1 month for $25 or 120 posts over 3 months for $60. 

Blog Feature - $50

Book is featured on our permanent blog as part of a themed post, discussed and agreed with the author.