Elderly Parents

The Art of Aging, A Doctor's Prescription for Well-Being (Non-fiction) by Sherwin B. Nuland

A beautiful book by Sherwin B Nuland that provides a profound insight into how old age might be the period at which we are the happiest, ageing gracefully, being more creative and embracing spirituality. A time of peacefully reflecting, accepting our life for what it is and perhaps enjoying the lifted burdens of earlier periods of our lives.

the art of ageing nooks to deal with elderly parents


Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End (Non-fiction) by Atul Gawande

For the scientifically minded, this book by Atul Gawande, a practicing surgeon provides an overdue insight into the importance of dignity and conscientious care in the final years of a person's life is essential to enable them to live a great quality of life right to the end. The young, often in denial, overlook the simple comforts that can dramatically increase their longevity . We as a species need to do more to provide this.



What Are Old People For?: How Elders Will Save The World (Non-fiction) by William H Thomas

A book that celebrates old age. The value that older people bring is priceless and makes a case for officially recognising this and giving old people the significance and legitimacy they deserve. Great for people with ageing parents or those working in elderly care as well as the elderly who may be doubting their value and esteem.


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