Personalised Book Prescription Sample & FAQs

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Q: What will I receive?
A: A personalised book prescription, a minimum 10-page report, setting out 7-10 tailored book recommendations with detailed commentary and reviews of the books and why they're perfect for you. You'll also receive a personalised letter from our book therapist and curator.

Q: What if I don't like the books prescribed?

A: Just email us and we will add more recommendations to your prescription. You will also receive unlimited email support on anything that you'd like to discuss or that you are unsure of.

Q: Where can I read reviews and testimonials of your service?

A: Scroll down at the bottom of this page, and click on reviews:

Q: Who is the product suitable for?

A: It's suitable for all ages, including children.

Q: Can I gift a book prescription?

A: Yes you absolutely can - either through hitting the 'gift instantly' button or buying a gift card.

Q: Do you offer any other services/literary guides?

A: Yes I offer in-person or face-to-face bibliotherapy sessions. You can also find these literary guides and shorts plus book journaling tools. There's a whole host of literary essays, author Q&As and articles here, that might help. Lastly, don't forget to check out our  reading tools for children, to encourage a lifelong love for reading.