Rekindled Love

A selection of our favourite books on rekindled love and the phenomenon of how old lovers and partners, who might have given up on a relationship in the past, come together to kindle their love again later in life. Reconnection is often powerful as you are not starting from scratch and the familiarity of an old intimacy can often be attractive, persuasive and sometimes even magical.

Persuasion (Classic and Romantic Fiction) by Jane Austen

Persuasion is strikingly different to many of Austen’s more well-known titles — a novel about a love lost rather than a romantic relationship that blossoms, the book engages the readers emotion through the plight of Anne Elliot, the central character of the book. Anne is convinced by her friend Lady Russell that she should not marry eligible Frederick Wentworth, who later in the story returns as a wealthy and successful captain.

Filled with regret at her decision on his return, she wonders what might have been and whether the relationship can be rekindled. A second chance at romance, this is by far Austen’s most romantic novel.

The Stationery Shop (Fiction) by Marian Kamali

A literary treat, this wonderfully powerful story on the surprising nature of fate, is about two teenagers, Roya and Bahman who’s love for each other blossoms over their mutual love for literature in a warm and humble little stationery shop in Tehran.

On the day before they are due to marry, political violence takes centre stage with the disappearance of Bahman, the handsome young man that Roya falls head over heels in love with. As each day passes, Roya realises she may never see him again, until hope and fate lead to a final meeting and reconciliation in old-age.

A hauntingly timely exploration of unbearable loss and gracious love.

Rebecca (Fiction) by Daphne Du Maurier


Set in Monte Carlo, Rebecca is about a young lady who falls head over heals in love with the gorgeous and wealthy widower Maxim de Winter and accepts his proposal of marriage. Orphaned at a young age and working as a maid, Rebecca feels that she has hit the jackpot.

However after moving into his magnificent country estate, she discovers that there is a haunting presence (largely in the form of his late wife) that continues to pose a threat to their marriage. A delicious combination of romance, mystery and thriller that will make you stay up reading all night.

Normal People (Novel) by Sally Rooney

A Man Booker prize nominee and Sally Rooney’s second novel exquisitely narrates a human story about two romantically-linked young adults, finding their place in the world amongst societal and family pressures to fit in. An intimate coming of age story filled with humour and heartfelt romance. Rooney’s writing will make you feel you are part of the story.


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