Hi, I'm Bijal Shah, a book therapist, an author and a poet.


A big hello and welcome! Here's a little bit about me. 

After 14 years spent in investment banking, it was time for a change. I was really keen to pursue my passion for literature, writing and psychology having successfully published a non-fiction book titled "The Happiness Mindset". Written under my pen name 'Brandon Stanberg', the book has received more than 60 reviews on Amazon with a 5 star rating. I have also completed a diploma in psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy.

A Novel Literary Advice Service

As a little girl, I loved receiving book recommendations from trusted friends and family. Finding the next great read became an addictive habit to mitigate those post-book blues. I loved helping others find new books too and my passion for reading, writing reviews and literature in general inspired me to launch Book Therapy - a novel literary advice service that helps match people to books based on their individual needs, interests and reading habits.

Book Prescriptions

Helping others discover wonderful new books (and old) meant understanding their current needs. The books prescribed could be for a specific predicament they find themselves in (for example, struggling with bereavement, friendship breakups, ticking biological clock, fatherhood, redundancy, regret etc) or they could be a travel prescription for a holiday read (check out our book prescription for New York for example). 

The personalised book prescriptions have been very popular. These are prepared in the form of recommended reading lists that comprise a minimum of seven to ten books. If you fancy one yourself, you can purchase one at the following link: personalised book prescriptions. You can also gift these for a loved one.

Want to sample a book prescription before you buy?

Then check out the free list of book prescriptions titled A - Z of Book Prescriptions These cover a variety of genres ranging from literary fiction, historical fiction, romance, classics, thrillers, non-fiction, self-development, spiritual, food, dance, the arts, culture, society, parenting, biographies and memoir, essays, true crime, audiobooks, photography etc. They also cover different life situations (e.g. anxiety, job change, relationship heartache) as well as interests (e.g memoir, historical fiction, non-fiction etc). There's also a children's reading list: Children's A - Z of Book Prescriptions. Feel free to subscribe to the blog too.

Would you just like to connect?
Message me here or email me at bijal@booktherapy.io. Would love to hear from you.


Bijal (Book Therapist)