Adopting Children

Beautiful fiction books on adopting children and the birth of new relationships that can sometimes be stronger than our biological ones.

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The Secret Garden (Fiction) by Francis Hodgson Burnett

A classic in children's literature, The Secret Garden shows how sometimes the relationships between a foster parent and the adopted child can be more meaningful, beneficial and positive than the biological one. A coming of age story that beautifully illustrates the transformation of a bossy 10 year old who loses her parents in India and goes onto live with her wealthy uncle in a Yorkshire mansion. Here she discovers a secret garden and a little boy who shows her a different path to life, people and things. A beautiful book of positivity, hope and life lessons that shows how you can recreate new relationships and a surrogate family who may just sustain you better than your original one.





The Book Thief (Fiction) by Marcus Zusak

Set in Nazi Germany, a little girl by the name of Liesel is left by her birth mother with foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel never knew her father and her younger brother died in a train accident. Pretty much an orphan she finds great solace in books and secret and methodically steals books. Her foster father Hans teaches her how to read and write. The family also take a little jewish boy, the son of a family friend, who lives in their basement and develops a close, beautiful relationship with Liesel. A superb tale on the power of non-blood relationships.



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