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Raising children is a tricky business. With the right guidance, research and proven experience we can however help them maximise their full potential and help them lead the best lives possible. The books on child development recommended here aim to give parents the latest guidance and information on what they can do to optimise their child(ren)'s development.

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The Design of Childhood (Non-fiction) by Alexandra Lange

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For the parents out there and those interested in child psychology comes this highly insightful book by Alexandra Lange about why you should be more concerned about the design of the toys and items that your kids are exposed to than their kindergarten curriculum or playdates. User design has a far more bigger role in our child's development and skills and ability to become independent than we realise. It also has a huge impact on their behaviour and values. Do you choose wooden toys or plastic? Or digital? The fact that all these decisions are left to toymakers, architects and urban planners can feel a little daunting. An eye-opener every parent should read this - it will change the way you view your world and your children's.

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