Toilet Training (Picture Books)

On Your Potty, Little Rabbit (Picture Book) by Kathleen Amant

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A fun and colourfully illustrated book teaching toddlers about potty training. Anna wants Rabbit to use the potty - she shows Rabbit how to use it, teaching the whole routine from using the potty to washing your hands after and covers both pee and poo. One of the better books on toilet training out there.

My Big Girl Potty, My Big Boy Potty (Picture Books) by Joanna Cole

 my big boy potty

A picture book depicting the fun side of potty training. Thoughtfully scripted, author Joanna Cole and illustrator Maxie Chambliss take little girls on a journey from the basics of potty training to the proud moment where they can wear their big girl underpants! A helpful guide for parents is also included.


Your New Potty (Picture Book) by Joanna Cole


A double whammy of a book with a section for both adults and little ones. The adult section offers a practical guide to toilet training complemented by research from child development experts and interviews by parents. 


No More Diapers for Ducky! (Picture Book) by Bernette Ford & Sam Williams


About an adorable duck who is potty training. When his friend Piggy is too busy to play because he is potty training, Ducky decides it's time too! On finishing this delightfully sweet story, most toddlers proudly announce that they won't be wearing nappies or diapers anymore!


Danny is Done with Diapers: A Potty ABC (Picture Book) by Rebecca Connell


An original book on potty training! With a variety of scenarios to explore - avoiding accidents, spending time in the bathroom, keeping clean and so forth. There are 26 lessons to learn around potty training and Amanda Gulliver's incredible, vibrant art keeps children engaged while they absorb the messages and deepen their potty knowledge. 


Time to Pee (Picture Book) by Mo Willems


Illustrated by my favourite children's books illustrator, Mo Willems, who isn't afraid to throw in a little humour, this book is a charm with little ones as they chuckle away at the funny mice characters, who lead they through their journey to become free from diapers.


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