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Book and cinema therapists share their 'prescriptions' for surviving coronavirus quarantine (NBC News)

Two Dystopian Fiction Books to Read if You're Wondering How the Coronavirus Plays Out

Mamta Saha on the Therapeutic Power of Written Affirmations

Why books can stop you losing the plot

One of the Best Books on Family and Relationships You’ll Read

The Therapeutic Power of Stories (PESI UK)

Why You Should Book Journal

40 Books from 2019 You Need to Read in 2020

Neha Hiranandani’s 50 Indian Female Mavericks You’ve Never Heard About

Girl Power! 50 Extraordinary Indian Women that Smashed Status Quo

Imagine Me Stories

Who Am I, the Identity Crisis Faced by Millennials Today

4 Gorgeous Picture Books for Children Celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights

People, Places and Home

Philly & Friends, An Exciting New Publishing House for Diverse Children's Books

A Fabulous New Book on Mastering Your Own PR

Matt Zurbo: 365 kids books in 365 days

2019's Best Summer Nonfiction Reads So Far

French for Kids and Some Fabulous Bilingual Children's Books

Interview with Pirjo Suvilehto, Finnish Bibliotherapist and Doctor of Philosophy & Literature

Love Fiction? 6 Delightfully Anticipated Summer Reads from Around the World

The Power of Self-love and Book to Get You Started

The Therapeutic Power of Voice Journaling

Michelle Obama's "Becoming"- A Book Review

Three Fabulous Books for Two Year Olds

Why audiobooks are perfect for parents and four great ones to start the year. 

Book Therapy's Best Books of 2018 

Life is Too Short for the Wrong Books and Why We All Need a Book Curator 

7 Books on finding greater connection to people and life 

3 Non-fiction reads that are going to be huge this fall 

A Child-hugging Robot for the Nuclear Family

Four fiction books you need to read this Autumn 

The best books of 2018 so far… 

Why Literary Fiction is My Favourite Form of Therapy 

A Novel Literary Advice Service: introducing Book Therapy 

Weekend Reads — 29 June to 6 July 2018 

Literature’s 13 most unusual books 

Weekend Reads — June 22 to June 29 2018 

The Japanese books that are making loneliness popular 

Nine Great Comfort Reads 

A Book Prescription for a trip to New York 

A Book Prescription for Meghan Markle 

Why I love Virginia Woolf 

Don't chase happiness, chase this instead. 

Bibliotherapy is everywhere I look 

Motherhood is in vogue 

Four invaluable books to help you transform your writing from good to great

Help your child become a lifelong reader  

2018 Pulitzer Prize Awards 

Why we need to adopt these words for happiness in other languages 


Poems published by Bijal

Letting your children go (A Poem)

This Was Home Too (A Poem)

A Moment in Time (A Poem)

The Establishment (A Poem)

Life's A Series of Journeys (A Poem)

Chasing Time (A Poem)

Torn (A Poem) 

My Favourite Book Therapy Quotes

Transactional Relationship (A Poem)

Short Life Advice for my Kids (A Poem)

It's Ok Not to be Happy All The Time (A Poem)

No, I Don't Want to Pursue YOur Dream (A Poem)

Transitions (A Poem)

My American Dream (A Poem)

The City of Angels (A Poem) 

The Corporate Bully vs The People (A Poem)

My Heaven and My Hell (A Poem)


Books Published by Bijal

the happiness mindset best books on happiness recommended books on happiness

The Happiness Mindset: 12 Strategies for Happiness and Success I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Younger


Literary Guides

Literary Travel Guide to New York: What to Read and Where to Visit

Meditations on Khalil Gibran's The Prophet: What Gibran's Poetry Fables Teaches Us About Life

Writing Therapy: A Self-Therapy Literary Guide 

The Power of Poetry as Therapy: Reading and Writing Poetry As Therapy

Literary Travel Guide to London: What to Read and Where to Visit

A Literary Guide on Dealing with Friendship Break Ups



15 Minute Shorts

 The Happiness Plan

Say Hello to Happier, More Resilient Kids

A Short History of Elon Musk

A Short History of Warren Buffett

How to Influence Anyone

The Smart Mindset

Parenting, The French Way

Parenting, The Japanese Way

Eudaimonia, The Art of Flourishing

Creative Writing Techniques Inspired by New York Times Writers



A big hello and thank you for reading! Passionate about literature, psychology, and life I launched Book Therapy as an alternative form of therapy using the power of literature. I create reading lists/personalised book prescriptions based on your individual needs, this is my signature personalised reading service. If you’d like to self-prescribe literature you can learn the art of bibliotherapy through my online course Bibliotherapy, Literature and Mental Health. You can also check out Book Therapy’s other free reading lists and A- Z of book prescriptions (covering both fiction and non-fiction). These suggest books based on your existing life situation (e.g. anxiety, job change, relationship heartache) as well as interests (e.g memoir, historical fiction, non-fiction, crime etc). There’s also a Children’s A — Z of Book Prescriptions. Feel free to check out the blog for more literary gems. There’s also a post on my personal story of how I entered the world of bibliotherapy and book curation. And if you’d like to connect, email me at bijal@booktherapy.io or www.booktherapy.io.

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