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This blog is dedicated to our loyal clients and readers, who have supported us on our little journey to spread our love of books; and how they can lift you from difficult moments. Yes they truly can give you wings¬†ūüėä

Jenny Stone: I have been reading books for years and never realised that I was self-dispensing therapy. Whenever I can empathise with a narrative it influences my mood, my mind, my emotions. Ironically I feel understood. It eases my mind and relaxes me, even if I don't have a solution straightaway. I love all of Bijal's book prescriptions - she just seems to pick the perfect books for the moment. Thank you.

Akriti Samani: Books have always been a lifeline for me. Having suffered from social anxiety all my life, books give me solace and comfort. They also let me see things from others' perspective and experience emotions and events that I would not be privy to otherwise. Whilst I have never used any of the services here, I enjoy reading Bijal's free book prescriptions which has a variety of reading lists for different topics (both fiction/non-fiction).

Roman Ronole: I had never come across book therapy/bibliotherapy before - reading as therapy is a no-brainer and I love this website as a result. I'm always back for more to see what new items have been posted both on the blog and the free book prescriptions.

Catherine Johnson: I love reading poetry - so much depth and emotion to the writing. It really is soul food!

Sonya Schorpp:¬†I was super pleased with my book recommendations ‚Äď and now I am onto my third book, The Book Thief! I have found the books prescribed really enjoyable and comforting. I will definitely be using Book Therapy‚Äôs book prescription services again!

Ruben Morovitz: I have had a couple of sessions with Bijal now and have found her extremely insightful and supportive. I struggle with social anxiety and have done so since I was a young child. Bijal’s non-judgemental and open approach really allowed me to feel at ease talking about my anxiety. She found three great books for me to delve into which were close to life-changing. I have copies of these on my kindle library so can refer to them whenever needed. Even after the session ended, I could still contact her and she would be happy to help at no extra charge. Would highly recommend her services.


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