The Types of Book Therapy

From educational to developmental

The goal of book therapy is to inform, educate and heal. Book therapy or bibliotherapy comprises two main types: educational and therapeutic.

Educational book therapy is often used amongst school-age children and adolescence to teach them about developmental milestones, for example, puberty and building resilience.

Therapeutic book therapy focuses on specific issues, phobias or conditions. It uses fiction, non-fiction or a combination of the two to help alleviate the symptoms and resolve the issue. These could involve short stories, novels, biographies, poetry and self-help books. Imaginative or creative book therapy can be powerful in helping someone identify with the characters, experience a connection and feel understood.

By carefully hand-picking the right books, a book therapist can guide the reader onto a beautiful journey of self-awareness, reflection and healing.

Here at Book Therapy, we curate reading lists tailored to the readers needs and wishes, based on a questionnaire. We also hold Skype sessions with the reader should they wish to speak to a book therapist in more depth.

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