4 Gorgeous Picture Books for Children Celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights

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As a mother of two, I naturally wanted them to share in the joy of Diwali as I did when I was young. The gorgeous decorations, the picture-perfect food, the friends and family that we'd celebrate with, perhaps over a sparkler or two and the meaning behind it all - I wanted to immerse them in all of this. In true bookworm fashion, there's nothing better than literature to warm them up, get them excited in the anticipation of the coming days, marked by the triumph of good over evil, aptly titled the festival of lights or simply 'Diwali'. Diwali, celebrated by millions globally come together over diyas (small clay pot candles), the magical art of rangoli, glittering sweets bathing in coloured sugar and of course red envelopes and miniature deities.

Over a special storytime session with their school friends, I introduced them to Diwali over four of these visually captivating stories. I share these here in the hope that they might spark a young love for the festival for children who'll be celebrating all over.


Three delightful monkeys take centre stage as they delve into the mystery of the Diwali gift that they happen to find. Through their eyes, young readers explore the divine Hindu Gods and the traditions of the colourful holiday.


the diwali gift, shweta chopra, shuchi mehta, children's books for diwali, diwali picture books

Simple, but sweet, a glorious picture book that embraces all of the different ways of celebrating diwali, including the Hindu, Sikh and Jain traditions. There's always a reason to celebrate Diwali!


the diwali gift, shweta chopra, shuchi mehta, children's books for diwali, diwali picture books

One of the few books that celebrates the birth of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth mapping her power from monsoon season to winter. With short, sharp sentences and clear-cut illustrations, the book's perfect for young children aged 3–5.


the diwali gift, shweta chopra, shuchi mehta, children's books for diwali, diwali picture books

With the magic of Disney and Pixar creations under his belt, Sanjay Patel's Ramayana (one of the epics of Hindu mythology) series includes a picture book on Diwali. In this book, Sanjay recreates Lord Rama’s return from exile after successfully winning that battle with Demon King Ravana. Stunning illustrations and smart story-telling that capture almost 24,000 verses into a succinct picture book.


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