3 Non-fiction reads that are going to be huge this fall

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I have to admit I have been impatiently waiting all Summer to read these non-fiction gems, two of which are authored by my favourite authors and the third by a woman I truly admire.

Steven Hawking’s “Brief Answers” due for release on October 16, is hungrily anticipated — it’s his final book and the last we’ll hear from him on the big questions of life (namely does God exist, threat of nuclear war, artificial intelligence, space colonisation and climate change) as he leaves us with his final thoughts on an unfinished quest of understanding the universe. The book comprises material from his personal archives and includes a foreward from Eddie Redmayne (the Oscar-winning actor who portrayed Hawking in “The Theory of Everything”) and an afterword from his daughter Lucy. If you’re a first time Audible user, read it for free by signing up or pre-order it on the Kindle and save yourself $14.01 versus buying it at list price when it comes out on October 16.

Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking

From one of the most influential women of our time, comes her highly awaited memoir, “Becoming”. Michelle Obama’s new memoir is out in November and it promises to be an intimate portrait of a lady who has inspired millions around the world. The book delves into her childhood, her work at the White House, her prolific public health campaign and motherhood. Out on November 13 for a list price of $32.50, pre-order your hardcover copy for $19.50 on Amazon instead (that’s a $13 saving.)

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Last but not least, from the genius who brought us two of the best financial books of all time, “The Big Short” and “Liar’s Poker” comes “The Fifth Risk”.

The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis

The narrative king has once again churned this page-turner, spinning a political narrative on the inner workings of the Trump Government, pre-election to present day; depicting what we should be shockingly scared of. Understaffed departments, neglected agencies and unthinkable risks lurk round the corner. For example, black market uranium monitored by the Department of Energy lacks sufficient inspectors to prevent it from falling into terrorist hands — what does this mean? Well uranium is used for nuclear warfare and so the biggest nuclear risk is coming from the White House itself. Surprising insights into the most dysfunctional and complicated government on the planet.

Can’t wait for the book to come out? Hear it now on Audible! Yes the book can be listened to first before its official release on October 2. (This is a new initiative driven by Audible where best-selling authors allow their work to be heard first before publication in written form.) Alternatively if you prefer the written word, you can pre-order a copy and save yourself $9.28 from the list price.

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