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The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this Spring weekend is expected to attract audiences of millions. I wonder what might be going through Meghan Markle’s head as she transitions from Hollywood celebrity to a member of the British royal family. Combining film star status and public service, whilst trying to maintain a semi-private life away from the prying eyes of an internationally obsessed audience is not new for Markle and she has already done a fabulous job at managing the publicity well.

However it’s different once you are married into the royal family and navigating life within this unique and ultra-celebrity family calls for one to be fully informed about the family’s history, their values and their duties towards public service. The past is a great teacher to the present and these top 5 book recommendations would be perfect additions to Markle’s reading list.

  1. The Royals by Kitty Kelly
The Royals by Kitty Kelly

One from bestselling investigative biographer, Kitty Kelly, The Royals is a chronological narrative of the royals beginning pre-World War I. The book largely focuses on Queen Elizabeth, her children and grandchildren and is explicit in its portrayal of the family dynamics, the affairs, infidelity, loveless marriages and homosexuality that has plagued the family. A fascinating and informative read.

Great for: gaining familiarity on the history of the royal family and understanding the events that have shaped them.

2. Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch by Sally Bedell Smith

Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch

An authoritative biography of the Queen who has led the monarchy from 1952 to present day with grace, poise and intelligence. From her romance and marriage to Prince Philip and coronation at age 25 to her successful diplomacy through World War II, the biography meticulously captures in intimate detail, the life, personality and events surrounding the Queen, her husband, children and grandchildren.

Great for: learning how a monarchy should be run and the character, qualities and discipline needed to do so. Helpful for understanding the Queen and the values and traditions of the royal family.

3. Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Marriage by Gyles Brandreth

Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Marriage by Gyles Brandreth

An eloquent biography of the couple and their life together; this is an exclusive look into the private lives of one of the most famous couples on the planet and the secrets to a successful marriage despite many hiccups along the way.

Gyles Brandreth has known the couple for more than 30 years — this book is sourced straight from the horse’s mouth and is one of the most authentic portraits of the couple ever written.

Great for: understanding what it takes to make a royal marriage work.

4. A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

Something a little different, this is a profoundly personal biography of Princess Diana, authored by Paul Burrell. Originally a footman to the Queen he became a close confidante and friend to the Princess. He was one of the last people to speak to her before her death. In the book he recalls their conversations, her thoughts and plans to remarry, possibly relocating to America and chronicles letters, diaries and personal recollections.

Great for: Gaining insight into one of the most popular members of the royal family and understanding the family dynamics of Charles, Diana, William and Harry.

5. A Royal Cookbook: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace by Mark Flanagan

A Royal Cookbook: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace by Mark Flanagan

Last but not least a treat and perfect for a food enthusiast like Meghan Markle, this book is filled with delicious seasonal recipes enjoyed by the royal family and created by royal chef Mark Flanagan. It also includes fascinating detail on presentation, decor, including floral arrangements and tableware, and fabulous tips on entertaining.

Great for: learning how to fine dine and entertain like a royal. Also great for understanding and immersing one’s self in the culinary lifestyles of the royals.

Happy reading and congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their nuptials!

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