Celebrating Black History Month - Remembering Pioneering Bibliotherapist Sadie Peterson Delaney

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This Black History Month (US), we celebrate the work of 20th century pioneering bibliotherapist, Sadie Peterson Delaney. Her work and dedication to bibliotherapy remain an invaluable contribution in this space. Here are some historical facts about her❤

Delaney started her library career at the New York Public Library in the 1920s. Delaney's extensive use of bibliotherapy in her work involved selecting reading material to treat patients and readers. She believed in giving readers individual attention, understanding their interests, pairing them with books that would engage them.
To choose appropriate books, she consulted with doctors and medical staff.

In addition to her work with books and bibliotherapy, Delaney developed many special programs for readers. She instituted book talks, monthly program meetings, story hours, and a variety of other clubs. She involved veterans in clubs and library activities, including those who were confined to their beds or unable to hold a book. Delaney also started the Disabled Veterans' Literary Society, which received acclaim from the Veterans Administration. In addition, she sang familiar songs and read poetry to help them feel more relaxed.

In the February 1938 issue of Opportunity magazine, Delaney explained her work with veteran readers at hospitals, saying, "Here minds long imprisoned by lethargy are awakened...And once again, they are alive with enthusiasm and joy derived from activity."

For blind readers, Delaney taught Braille, acquired talking books, and encouraged them to join her clubs and programs.

She was also integral in the development of an African American collection, routinely meeting with African American authors, helping them connect with other authors and publishers; and arranged artistic programs that included talks by scholars and community leaders such as W.E.B Du Bois, James Weldon Johnson, William H. Ferris, George Edmund Haynes, Hubert Harrison, and Fred Moore. She also established the first African American exhibit of art held in the New York Public Library.

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