Mamta Saha on the Therapeutic Power of Written Affirmations

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Mamta Saha

Today, I want to introduce leading psychologist and executive coach, Mamta Saha and her iconic affirmation cards to empower, heal and restore anyone who reads them. 

Mamta Saha’s Daily Affirmations for Inner Peace

Life is cornered with trials and tribulations and often we need that serendipitous reminder, that authoritative voice and the empowering language to get through a tricky moment or hairy conversation without feeling overwhelmed or anxious. This is what Mamta sets out to conquer with her potent written affirmations, each thoughtfully curated. Mamta, a media psychologist and a regular contributor on BBC and Sky News, for her views on gender equality, female empowerment and executive leadership, has compound experience and a strong sense of what people need the most in times of crisis. Her written affirmation cards are a powerful reflection of this. They have benefited me substantially and I would recommend reading them to anyone who is facing a difficult time right now. Here’s my interview with Mamta herself:

Q: Could you tell me about your journey as a psychologist? What drives you? What have been your main highlights?

A: I was raised by my grandmother who practised meditation twice a day. It was like growing up with the female Dalai Lama. My grandmother encouraged me to explore spirituality and the power of the mind. This sparked a curiosity in me that led to a Psychology degree at first and then specialisation in a Masters in Occupational Psychology. 

An education in psychology was the best gift I could have given myself. It’s encouraged a journey of self-introspection and growth. As humans, we personally model our understanding of the world and after 8 years of studying psychology, I’ve evolved as a human being — becoming more and more self-aware of myself and others.

I’m driven by helping others see their brilliance. Every one of us has the ability to fulfil our potential and live a peaceful life. My mission is to help others access their peace and play from a position of strength.

My main highlights include seeing people and organisations go from a place of doubt and conflict to one of open and honest communication. I’ve witnessed individuals become authentic to who they are and how they lead. I’ve observed clients creating stronger boundaries that enable them to feel safe in their relationships with themselves and others. I’ve seen people wholly doubting themselves to becoming A-players who exceed their goals.

Q: Why have you chosen ‘Affirmations’ as a key tool for empowerment and self-fulfilment?

A: I conducted extensive research around the power of affirmation and their psychological power to shift emotions, attitudes and states of mind. Affirmation cards are easily accessible in the moment and do not require a large amount of time to digest. They’re fast, prompt and exacting in any moment where you find yourself ’stuck’.


Q: What is the importance of reading them?

A: It’s important to practice ‘emotional hygiene’. If we don’t monitor what’s swirling around in our mind, our thoughts can teleport us to places that don’t serve us. When we focus our mind on positive, empowering and enabling thoughts we train our mind to see the ‘good’, we’re more likely to feel better and less likely to miss opportunities.


Q: What are your favourite books on personal development, affirmations, self-love etc?

I love anything by Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie. My all-time favourite book is Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain — her book changed my life.


Q: What other projects have you lined up?

A: I’m in the process of creating a range of affirmation cards focusing on: Inner Power, Strength and Confidence. I’m also writing a workbook on mental health and processing emotions for boys.


Q: You are writing a book too, can you tell us a bit more about that?

A: The purpose of the book is to provide women with the tools and techniques to anchor themselves in a world filled with chaos and unwritten expectation — to help them navigate complex challenges and the silent politics that arise in everyday relationships. Women can find a state of balance and control to drive what it is they want in life with the right toolkit.



Q: Where can people find out more about your work?

A: On my website or Instagram: and saha_mamta@Instagram You can also email me at

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