What kind of issues can be treated with book therapy?

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There's a whole list under our A - Z of Book Prescriptions

Book therapy can be very useful for those suffering from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, abuse, addiction, stress, communication skills as well as relationship and family issues.

At Book Therapy, however we prescribe books for every issue under the sun from divorce, break-ups, friends disappointing us, difficult in-laws, boredom, child-birth, commitment issues, ageing, ageing parents, unemployment, snoring, guilt, the hero complex to shopaholism. These are but a few.

View our A - Z of Book Prescriptions for the full list. Download the Book Therapy App filled with bibliotherapy resources and literary curation tools, it's perfect for book lovers! 


Book Therapy offers an alternative to conventional therapy using the power of literature. We offer a confidential therapy session with a book therapist, exploring your current needs; prescribing both fiction/non-fiction literature. Or if you prefer we can simply curate a personalised reading list based on your needs. Contact us at bijal@booktherapy.io for a confidential, free initial session with a book therapist.  

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