Why everyone needs a book therapist in their life.

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Best for book serendipity in a world where we are overwhelmed with books.

Bibliotherapists or book therapists are experts on books. There are so many books, many of which we may never know about were it not for someone who has read extensively and is aware of what book is the most relevant for your particular needs at a given point in time: the magic of the right book at the right time. In that respect a book therapist can be life-changing and in a world where we are all fighting for time, it might just be the best investment you ever make.

Why Bibliotherapy/Book therapy?

Coming from London, a city where living can sometimes be quite stressful with high rents, long commutes into the city, and long working hours. It is not the easiest place to de-stress or rejuvenate. The costs of traditional or more conventional therapists and coaches can be high too both in terms of price and time commitment. Book therapists instead offer tailored book prescriptions that can be read in your own time whilst providing a greater deal of flexibility. Sessions can be conducted online or offline (in person). For those for whom conventional therapy has not worked, book therapy can be an excellent alternative.

Whilst many other therapists recommend books as part of their overall therapy, Book Therapy is one of the few practices that exclusively uses literature in the form of both fiction and non-fiction texts as therapy.

How did the practice originate?

Whilst the practice of bibliotherapy can be traced back to ancient Greek times, the concept only really took off during the World Wars when war veterans, struggling with post-traumatic stress disorders were enrolled in curated bibliotherapy programs to help them with the condition. Our blog article "A Short History of Bibliotherapy" provides more detail on its origins.

Who can benefit from it?

Book Therapy has been found to be extremely popular amongst 18 to 45 year olds who are managing constant change/life transitions whether that is attending university, getting married, having children, career issues, illness or divorce, for example. Reading acts an excellent form of meditation where we connect with the author's mind, experience a sense of feeling understood whilst simultaneously empathising with the characters. This can be hugely therapeutic. Most people can benefit from reading therapy at some stage of their lives. We welcome you to give it a go. 

What can I expect from a session?

You initially complete a few questions prior to the session discussing your current situation, reading habits, interests and lifestyle. We use these details to inform our session. Post the session, we send you a final book prescription tailored to your situation. We may have follow-up sessions if required.

Does it work?

Whilst psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling and coaching all have their own benefits and purpose, sometimes all you need is a book to feel understood - and sometimes a text can make you feel more understood than even the best therapist in the world.

Studies have shown reading to slow down breathing to a point that it matches those who have completed a yoga or meditation session. It provides an oasis of calm and relaxation, whilst making one feel understood by and connected to the author/characters. That in itself is powerfully therapeutic. To find out more about the benefits of book therapy, check out our blog article "The Benefits of Book Therapy"

Don't fancy a session? Ask for a curated reading list instead.

Consult one of our book therapists today. Alternatively order a curated reading list put together by one of our dedicated book therapists just for you. Whether you need something therapeutic, are simply looking for your next holiday read or are putting together an enriching summer reading list for your children, we are here to help :) View our A - Z of Book Prescriptions for the full list.

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